Brewing water and touch of green

Not finding enough water mixing in my Tanganyika aquarium, this being important for gas exchange, I decided to add a small brewing pump, acquired during my stay at Truffaut.

This is the Koralia 1 manufacturer Hydor, which receives a lot of favorable reviews on the various aquarium forums that I attend. This small pump, with an advertised capacity of 1500 l / h (for only 4.5 w / h) is of good quality at first sight, and seems solid. While browsing quickly the notice, I found that it is delivered with two small additional parts to possibly mount at the head of pump in order to be able to obtain a “pendular” mixing of the water, a sort of small alternating current of some kind , but I did not install them, thinking this applies more to reef use. Once connected, the flow of water is indeed interesting, for my 180 liter tank, I directed the pumphead towards the surface, and the current thus produced returns towards the entrance of the filter, which is useful for better waste disposal.

Incidentally, I also took the opportunity to buy 3 feet of rooting plants on support: 2 Anubia Congensis and 1 Anubias Lanceolata: This brings a touch of green to the whole, and in addition, I rely on their strong power nitrate absorption to help me lower them. You will find some pictures at the end of the ticket taken at the end of the weekly maintenance of the aquarium.