Bluefin tuna threatened with extinction in the Mediterranean

Overfishing again singled out; Mediterranean bluefin tuna is in danger of extinction, according to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (Iccat).

And the report is alarming: In 2007, fishing quotas for this very common fish species on our plates were set at 29,500 tonnes, out of which almost 61,000 tonnes of bluefin tuna were caught and it could now disappear from the Mediterranean Sea, as is already the case in the West Atlantic.

The commission proposes to halt this phenomenon of drastically reducing quotas to 15,000 tonnes per year, and to strengthen controls, while IUCN and WWF are calling for a firm suspension of fishing for this fish.

Anyway, it is urgent to act if we do not want to see this species disappear from our shores, and in my opinion, the respect of fishing quotas is a priority to keep: Because after all, overfishing will it not lead to the loss of tuna boats in the medium to long term? In short, again, we shoot ourselves in the foot …