Aquamag, the “other” aquarist magazine

Along with the release of Aquatic magazine, another magazine about our passion for the aquarium is on the starting block to succeed the deceased Aqua pleasure. Publication of the number 1 this month of December 2008.

Already, a significant difference between the two magazines: Aquatic magazine is only available in high resolution downloadable electronic version, while Aquamag is offered in traditional paper form, but only by correspondence and in some outlets. This point is important to me, indeed, nothing replaces the touch of glossy paper, and I find it much more convenient to find references and information when you have your hands in the aquarium (case lived :)) .

For the moment, I only had access to the cover, some plates of the model in photo, as well as the summary, available on the blog of the magazine, this one is promising, so I “jumped the pace “and ordered the first issue (6,90 €)!

I’ll let you know in a next post my impressions of this new magazine, anyway, let’s wish him out of a long life!